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Chicago is an amazing place to live, it does get quite wet. Lake effect rain, flooding & Midwest storms tend to cause headaches for many people who experience basement seepage. If you are one of these people, tired of water in your basement, you have come to the right place! Crack Master Chicago takes pride in how effectively we can rid your home of basement seepage.

Foundation problems often arise due to the expansive clay soils in the Chicago area. Severe heat and abundant rainfall can also cause trouble. Homes in the Lake County and Kenosha County Area are prone to a variety of complications including sinking, settling and cracking. If you see signs of foundation issues, a qualified house foundation repair contractor can help.

Crack Master Chicago is the  leading Waterproofing Specialist​

Crack Masters has earned the reputation for being the Chicago region’s top authority in basement, brick and stucco façade waterproofing. From water leaks to leaking stucco walls, Crack Master Chicago professionals can diagnose defective conditions and recommend creative, cost-effective waterproofing solutions.

Whether it’s built with brick, block, stone, stucco or concrete, call the professionals at Crack Master Chicago for all of your building or basement waterproofing and masonry restoration needs.


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Basement Waterproofing Specialists Serving Chicago, Lake County & Wisconsin

Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space

Our experts will diagnose and design a solution to properly waterproof your leaking basement. Depending on the source of the leak, we will either waterproof the foundation wall or would need additional assistance.

Brick Walls Restoration

We will replace rusted lintels that create cracks in the brickwork that lead to leaks. Our trusted professionals can replace or repoint masonry walls, install the appropriate flashing to allow water to weep out of the wall and apply masonry water repellents and coatings.

Foundation Waterproofing

Are your basement walls cracked? In addition to waterproofing your foundation, our team of engineers will design the appropriate structural repairs to the walls of your foundation. This may include carbon fiber-reinforcement, underpinning or rebuilding the foundation if necessary.

We have a variety of services to solve your basement waterproofing and foundation repair problems!

  • Protect your possessions

  • Eliminate potential hazards

  • Keep your home safe & dry

  • Avoid worsening conditions 

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