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Call Crack Master Chicago for a no cost evaluation! We’ll tell you what to do about foundation crack problems. Signs of issues are generally apparent. If your house needs foundation crack services, schedule a free crack repair estimate from Crack Master Chicago online today. We service Chicago, Cook & Lake County, Northeastern Illinois, and Southern Wisconsin.

Symptoms of foundation damage can appear inside, outside & even underneath your home or business. Prompt evaluation by trained and experienced foundation repair professionals can help with identifying and securing the integrity of your structure as quickly as possibly.


One of the most common problems that home foundations face is cracking in the walls of the foundation. This typically occurs as the home settles and weight shifts slightly, causing pressure against the walls that ultimately results in cracking. Cracking can also result from the gradual shrinking of concrete as it cures. If the concrete doesn’t shrink evenly throughout, it can cause cracking or flaky, weak concrete. Some foundation cracks are more serious than others, but each crack should be taken seriously and looked into by a professional foundation contractor to ensure that there isn’t a more serious issue with the foundation.

Crack Master Chicago offers carbon fiber staples for foundation crack repairs in the Greater Chicagoland area. These carbon fiber staples are typically used along with crack injection to provide added reinforcement to repaired cracks in the home’s foundation. Furthermore, carbon fiber concrete staples can help prevent additional cracks from forming around the original crack after repairs have been made.

How Can We Help?

Learn more about foundation damage and failure in, around or beneath your home or business; plus, the products & services we offer to help restore value in your property. Trust in us at Crack Master Chicago!


We guarantee excellence and are committed to our customers. We are your family owned foundation repair experts serving Chicago, Cook County, Lake County, and Wisconsin. 

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Get the right solution for your home repairs as soon as you spot them. It can save you a lot of headaches!

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