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Trust Our Crawl Space Waterproofing Experts at Crack Master Chicago!

Crawl Space Encapsulation is used to describe the process of sealing your crawl space off from the outside elements. Crawl Spaces were originally designed to keep moisture from reaching the underside of your house. However, since then experts have realized that the best way to keep moisture out from beneath your house is to completely seal the crawl space off from the outside. Crack Master Chicago achieves this by using a patented vapor barrier system. Our vapor barrier is a thick and insulated material that was designed to provide a watertight barrier between the exterior of your home and your crawl space. Since as much as half of the air in your home comes up from your crawl space, it's important to keep this space underneath your home as dry and clean as possible. Adding a vapor barrier and dehumidifier in your crawl space is the best way to protect your home from health, comfort, and safety problems caused by crawl space moisture.

Encapsulated Crawl Spaces Keep Your Home Healthy

Although vented crawl spaces were designed to remove moisture & prevent mold. However, crawl space encapsulation can keep moisture out of your crawl space in the first place. Moisture in areas like your crawl space can be hazardous because it often contributes to mold growth. Mold will then spread around your house via spores and your HVAC systems, setting the stage for a nightmare for residents who suffer from asthma or allergies. Crawl space encapsulation keeps moisture out of the crawl space, preventing mold from growing. As well as assist with reducing Radon levels.

Improved Structural Integrity

In addition to preventing mold growth and keeping the home healthy, the ability of crawl space encapsulation to control moisture is beneficial in many other ways; this method can actually even improve the structural integrity of your home. A wet crawl space will often lead to wet soil foundation, which can spell trouble for your house. Crawl space encapsulation keeps the area dry, the soil in tact, and the structural integrity of your home safe.

Save Energy

When you heat or cool your home, you are often heating and cooling your entire house. An encapsulated crawl space will keep outside air from entering and throwing a wrench in your HVAC gears. This will ultimately make it easier to heat or cool your home, which can extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling appliances as well as reduce your energy bills.

Our team at Crack Master Chicago is committed to keeping your home 100% safe for you and your children. Contact our professional team at Crack Master Chicago today to learn more about how crawl space encapsulation can help you!


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At Crack Master Chicago, we believe being transparent and straightforward is the best way to earn your trust. That’s why our agreements don’t have any complicated fine print, our pricing is clear and simple (meaning no hidden fees), and we don’t use any high pressure sales tactics. We’re here to help you however we can, even if that means referring you to another professional!

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