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Is your basement or crawl space wet? Is there a rodent problem in your crawl space that needs to be resolved? Are you tired of that musty smell in your crawl space? Our team at Crack Master Chicago can help! We offer a reasonable rate, and we highly suggest crawl space encapsulation system is the affordable solution! Call us today for a free estimate! A crawl space can be a clean space. You can get a lot of usable storage out of your crawl space and have security that your belongings will be safe from moisture, mold and rodents. The answer is simple, call Crack Master Chicago to get an encapsulated crawl space that can be utilized.

The Importance of Crawl Space Waterproofing

Most people don’t even consider water in their crawl space. They don’t realize the potentially devastating health effects that it can create. Water below a home will evaporate into vapor and spread throughout the upper floors. The natural stack effect of a structure, which pulls damp air from the lower levels to the upper levels of a house, can accelerate this process. In addition, to the environmental pollutants that may enter a living space, elevated humidity levels will encourage mold spores to spread to bedrooms and other parts of the house. For these reasons, crawl space waterproofing is essential. We help protect homes in Chicago, Lake County, and Wisconsin.

Crawl Space Waterproofing Is Imperative

Mold links to numerous debilitating health effects in the elderly and very young. The Illinois weather exacerbates these conditions, making it imperative to fix. Crack Master Chicago has the expertise and knowledge to eliminate the potential for water accumulation in crawl spaces. They have unique crawl space waterproofing systems that will provide a dry environment and eliminate unhealthy moisture in a home. By combining drainage systems, vapor barriers, raised concrete floors and dehumidifiers, the waterproofing experts at Crack Master Chicago can create a dry, clean crawl space.

Best Methods in Crawl Space Waterproofing

Almost all crawl spaces have water issues which not only breeds mold as mentioned but also can rot sill plates, support columns and floor joists. I have even seen the humidity so high that it buckled expensive oak floors beyond repair. Water or hidden water creates a musty, moldy smell.  When a crawl space has duct work in the crawl the odor along with radon, mold spores and many other nasty particles get distributed throughout the home and become part of the air you and your family breathes. Many crawl spaces were built without a concrete floor. They are typically dirt, gravel, sand, and even stone. When a crawl space is built like this water gets inside your home and causes problems. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not go into their crawl space very often thus they do not see the water that causes the deterioration of the support beams, wood flooring, sill plates and insulation if there is any at all. When the water sits in an enclosed area like a crawl space mold and mildew are growing. Radon is another major problem that is associated with an unfinished crawl space in Illinois & Wisconsin. There is a very high radon gas level in Illinois and having an exposed surface inside a home simply allows the gasses to flow freely throughout the house.

We Have A Crawl Space Waterproofing Solution

We can help solve all these problems. Crack Master Chicago is here to help turn your dirty unsafe crawl space into a safe space with a usable storage area (although nobody can say that your crawl space will never get water because of power outages, failed sump pumps and pure acts of Mother Nature). All items stored in the crawl space should be still put in plastic or rubber totes. Our Crawl Space Encapsulation system will protect your home and lower your energy costs! Our crawl space system is consistent with current building codes and regulations. We rebuild your crawl space how it should have been when the home was constructed. Our crawl space encapsulation provides a vapor barrier and insulation.


Our Crawl Space Waterproofing Process

The first step to waterproofing your crawl space is the removal of debris. Everything that is in the crawl space that should not be there is removed. Next, we line walls with a mold resistant insulation material providing up to an R-5 value. Then we install your choice of thickness in a Polyethylene liner to cover the ground. All seams are covered in a special 4 inch wide seaming tape.  So all seams are sealed. Finally, the top of the wall liner is sealed with a Radon resistant adhesive.

  • Certified EmeSeal System Installer

  • Reduce Energy Costs

  • Improve Indoor air quality 

Do you have any questions? We can help at Crack Master Chicago! Our services are hassle free, and we guarantee a positive experience working with our team. Work with the best crawl space experts. 

Contact Crack Master Chicago for your free crawl space estimate!

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At Crack Master Chicago, we believe being transparent and straightforward is the best way to earn your trust. That’s why our agreements don’t have any complicated fine print, our pricing is clear and simple (meaning no hidden fees), and we don’t use any high pressure sales tactics. We’re here to help you however we can, even if that means referring you to another professional!

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